Monday, May 3, 2010

Beltane Hangover pt.1

Hi, my name is Trouble. I'm a 20 year old polyamorous pansexual. I am completely in love with my partner, my "Daddy", I have several lovers I see regularly, and I'm not afraid of a one night stand. I practice safe sex always and I'll try anything twice. I'm an artist, a writer, and a musician. This is my sex blog.

Saturday was Beltane(MayDay). This is one of the traditional Pagan fertility holidays. Think naked girls dancing around the Maypole, sex in the fields, etc. Unfortunately I spent most of the day cooped up inside, but I did make it out to a little gathering at a friend's house around 2a.m. Sunday morning.

I haven't been able to be on the social scene as much as I'd like to lately, so I was very excited for this party. I got all dressed up like a little nymph in a gauzy miniskirt and a scarf-top. I covered myself in glitter, and called it a masterpiece. Everyone loves the girl spreading raver scabies. Daddy was already at the party with his other girlfriend, and he met me at the door. Apparently I'd missed the near-miss orgy, and excepting a couple naked guys most of the party was clothed and sitting around the television. I, of course, made a beeline for the smoke and alcohol, and stumbled into a sweet little soldier with a flask full of scotch. Here's where the raver scabies come in handy. He offers me a drink, I "glitter" him by rubbing the entire front of my body against his in a very friendly hug. At this point I had him bagged. After a couple hours of socializing and some encouragement from Daddy, I suggested that Sgt. Hottie accompany me to the "cuddle tent" set up in the back yard (I wasn't sure whether his oral attacks on my nipple rings were appropriate in the main hangout space).

We made our way out back, and after a brief condom search, we were all over each other. He was not much taller than me, but much stronger, which makes wrestling-style foreplay oh so much fun. He had me pinned beneath him, lifted me up and had me braced in his lap, forced me on top of him, and so on. I was unfortunately hosting Aunt Flo that weekend, and I was a bit worried about bleeding all over the tent, so I gave him permission to throat fuck me. I love uncircumcised cock. I really do. There's just something so excited about pulling back the sleeve of foreskin to find a smooth and swollen tip, already moist(or dripping) with his own juices. He shoved his cock as far as I could take it. I don't remember being able to breathe, but his hands around my throat might've been part of the problem. I don't remember how long he ravaged my facehole, but I became extremely wet and very frustrated. So frustrated, in fact, that I uttered the words that only come from the mouths of stupidly aroused masochists. "I want your cock in my ass. Please, rape my ass."

After forcing me to beg a few more times, he had me turned around, skirt up, panties around my knees and was forcing his way in. Of course stupid drunk girl was backing up into him, welcoming his tool of torture. He was not gentle. He knew what he was doing, and I discovered during our post-coital cuddling, he knew how to take it too. But he was not gentle. He had me on my knees moaning, almost in tears. He fucked me hard and fast, slamming into my tight little asshole with reckless abandon.

To be continued.....


  1. As I told you the other night, this encounter left me wonderfully secure feeling, seeing you come glowing out of the cuddle tent to my side (I know I am getting ahead of the story here :)... it was also quite hot to hear you beg him and then to listen to the results... I look forward to the second part of this, and to many more adventures with my Trouble.

  2. Daddy, you're compersion is the reason I not only feel comfortable doing these kinds of things, but comfortable doing them in your vicinity and with your knowledge. It makes me so happy to know I've pleased my Daddy.Posts about you will be coming soon, and coming and coming and coming.